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The First Match The Rematch June 19, 1936 | Yankee Stadium, New York
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Round Nine

Louis appears groggy and his defense begins to crumble. (2:58)

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1936 Louis vs. Schmeling fight, Louis sitting in his corner

Audio Transcript

Clem McCarthy:
Louis tried with another left hook. Those left hooks are dangerously low, right down against the belt, but of course we have no power of rule over here. Only the referee can caution and take a round away from Louis, and those blows that were low may have cost Louis that other round. I'm not sure. Donovan did not say whether he had taken the round away from Louis. Here now, in the center of the ring, Schmeling is feinting with his left and trying with the right and while he was at that, Louis crossed him with a left hand there to the jaw but it carried no power. Now in the center of the ring, they exchange rights and lefts. Schmeling is in the center, Louis ducked down and shot in a left to the body but it carried nothing behind it. And Schmeling missed with a left and then tried with a right and it landed but Louis took it and stepped into a clinch with him and they're over against the ropes. Schmeling is very awkward in the clinches, and his left eye looks very bad, his left eye is almost closed. But Louis, on the other hand, appears a very tired young fighter for a 23-year old man. They've exchanged lefts there in the center of the ring and Louis is watching for that to shoot over a right hand on that eye. It looks like he might center his attack on it for possibly the next round. And Louis tries with a left to the face and then misses with a right. Schmeling backs away and misses with a left. Schmeling is right over me now with his back to me and Louis following him up. And Schmeling shot a terrific right high on Louis' jaw and it made Louis rock and Louis shot a right hand to Schmeling's face. Schmeling took it and gave him a right hand back and Louis had to give ground. Now at close quarters they're exchanging lefts and rights. Those were three hard rights that Schmeling shot at Louis there. Louis is now in the center of the ring, and he shot two lefts at Schmeling and then tried with a right uppercut but Schmeling was well covered up with his forearm right across under his chin and Louis couldn't break through. Louis then shot two lefts to Schmeling's jaw and is ready with a right hand. Schmeling tried there with a right but no power. Louis tried with a left but Schmeling warded it off and Louis tried with another left and then with a right hand that landed on Schmeling's back and then Louis came over with two rights to Schmeling's jaw. Schmeling then straightened Louis up with a left. Louis is trying to ride these punches and Schmeling let him have a hard right on the jaw and a right to the head. But Louis is taking things. He's either taking them easy or he's a very tired fighter. And they broke at the command of the referee on the bell. Come on Ed Hill.

Ed Hill:
I've told you about the fairness of fighters. The men themselves. How when they make a mistake unintentionally, in the heat in the fury of this fast fight, they realize that they're sorry and they apologize. I want to tell you a word about the fairness of this crowd. We've got, so I suppose, 75,000 people here easily in this great immense Yankee Stadium. But there isn't a trace of that which so many people have been afraid of racial feeling or of anti-Nazism, anything of that kind. These people here in this Yankee Stadium are realizing that we've got two great athletes.