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The First Match The Rematch June 19, 1936 | Yankee Stadium, New York
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Round Ten

Louis' attacks begin to miss their mark, including a below the belt shot.

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1936 Louis vs. Schmeling fight

Newspaper Account

Louis backed away as Schmeling came two-thirds of the way across the ring to force the fight. Joe's left landed inches below the waistline. Schmeling smashed a right to the head and forced Louis to the ropes with a two-fisted attack.

At close range Louis took heavy punishment but twice countered with hard rights to the German's head.

Max sparred for an opening and clinched after shooting his right to the chin. Schmeling grinned as he brushed aside Louis' uppercut.

After a sparrin session in mid-ring Schmeling again shot his right to the head and rolled with Joe's counter punch. Joe walked slowly to his corner, his head down after the bell. It was Schmeling's round.

-- "The Fight by Rounds," Detroit Free Press, June 20, 1936, p. 16