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The First Match The Rematch June 19, 1936 | Yankee Stadium, New York
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Round Eleven

Schmeling bobs and weaves around Louis' weak punches. (3:03)

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1936 Louis vs. Schmeling fight

Audio Transcript

Ed Hill:
The boys are on their feet and Clem McCarthy.

Clem McCarthy:
And Joe Louis is doing a lot of listening to Jack Blackburn in the corner. Right now most of the boys around the edge of the ring have got Schmeling credited with six rounds, Louis with three and one round even. Of course that counts the two rounds that were taken away from Louis because of foul blows, even if they were even. Now then, in the center of the ring, Schmeling, he keeps leading with his left and Louis, with his left, but neither man has put a real blow on the other one since this round, the eleventh round, opened. Now Louis tried with a left hand but Schmeling was back. Schmeling tried with a hard left swing but was short. Louis lashed out with a left but it missed. And Louis tried with another left that missed. Schmeling is bobbing and weaving. Then Schmeling shot over a hard right hand but was too far back on Louis' head to do any good. Then Schmeling let go with a left hand to Louis' face. Louis shook his head and came on in on it. Now then once more in the center of the ring, Louis is there and Schmeling is backing towards me. Louis is following up with his left hand, but it doesn't carry that sting and power that we are so used to in Louis' blows. Schmeling missed with a left hand and Louis got in a left to Schmeling's face and another left to Schmeling's jaw. Louis in the center of the ring is... Schmeling stepped in there with a right hand and let Louis have it high on the head and then with a left to Louis' jaw and made Louis' head rock. And Louis stepped back and then came in with a right uppercut but missed. Then with a left to Schmeling that landed but didn't carry any power. Now then Louis is crowding Schmeling to my corner and they've stepped into a clinch, the referee is breaking them. Schmeling danced back, Louis followed him up and both tried with lefts that didn't do anything. Louis then shot a left to Schmeling and it was low, just under his jaw. Schmeling shot a hard right overhand that caught Louis on the side of the jaw. Louis took it and came right in on a clinch and Donovan broke them. Now Schmeling is in the center of the ring and Louis tried with a very weak, wobbly overhand right -- one of the poorest blows I've ever seen the man throw. And Schmeling then threw a right-hand that missed because it was on the back of Louis' head. Louis gives every evidence of being a very tired young man here, and willing to hold on. And when he finally does break way he lashes out with a left hand. And contrary to all previous fights, he is not rocking Schmeling with any of his left hands. Now then Louis shot a left hand and Schmeling followed him up and Schmeling tried with a left but both were short. Once more, Louis with a left hand. Then Schmeling with a left and they've stepped into a clinch, but at Donovan's request they both broke. Although Louis is very slow and willing to take his time. Louis has got to try for a knockout, because Schmeling is in the lead, I believe, this time on points. Schmeling then shot a left to Louis' face. Louis stepped back and let Schmeling have a left in the face. Then Louis missed with a left and missed with another left and Schmeling missed with a right and they came into a clinch. At close quarters, did no damage. Now then, Schmeling tried with a right uppercut that missed, brought over a left and in return Louis gave him hard rights and lefts to the jaw. But when I say hard rights and lefts, they're not the old time hard rights and lefts that we've seen in Louis' previous fights. Now Louis carried the fight to Schmeling at this moment, backed him over to the side of the ring but Schmeling came back at him and at the bell, a fast exchange but this time they broke at the command of Arthur Donovan.