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The First Match The Rematch June 19, 1936 | Yankee Stadium, New York
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Round Twelve

The fight ends with a knockout. (2:27)

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1936 Louis vs. Schmeling fight, Schmeling lands knock out punch

Audio Transcript

Clem McCarthy:
Now in the center of the ring, Louis standing there, and feinting with his left hand. With his right, he is trying to cut off Schmeling's left hand. And Schmeling shot a hard right to the jaw but Louis was inside of it and it did very little damage. Louis in the center of the ring, Schmeling with his back to me and Louis forced him to this corner. Schmeling dances back, his footwork is very much better than Joe's. Joe's is not only a shuffle tonight but it's very slow, and very little of it. Now Louis shot a left but Schmeling stepped inside of it and gave Louis a left to the jaw and missed with a right. Then they gave each other left hands to the face, no damage done. Now they're sparring once again. And again! Louis shot in a left hook to Schmeling, low, under the belt and Donovan cautioned Louis and Schmeling stepped back and Donovan had to warn them to go on and fight. And Louis, bewildered by Donovan's instructions, stepped in to Schmeling there and let him have hard rights and left to the jaw. Schmeling is breaking ground over in the other neutral corner. He got a hard left to the face, followed by a terrific right to the jaw. And he stepped into a clinch and Donovan broke them. Now in the center of the ring, Schmeling got over a right to Louis' jaw. Louis in return gave Schmeling a hard left hand to the face and then a right hand. Once more Louis is peppering Schmeling's eye, first with lefts and then with rights. And Schmeling is stepping into clinches at every opportunity while Louis is following up with good short rights and lefts. And again the referee had to break them. Schmeling in the center of the ring, Louis following him up, and lashing out with his left hand every now and then. And there was a hard left to Schmeling, but Louis came back and gave Louis a terrific right hand to the jaw. Louis ducked, put up his gloves, Schmeling bent low and tried to bring up a right uppercut to straighten him but he missed and came up on the side of Louis' head. And then, at close quarters, Schmeling stepped back and shot a hard right hand to Louis' jaw that landed flush and made Louis step into a clinch. And Donovan broke them. Schmeling got over two more hard rights to Louis' jaw, and made Louis give ground. And there, Schmeling straightened up Louis with hard rights and lefts to the jaw. He has puffed up Louis' left cheek and Louis is down! Louis is down. Hanging to the ropes, hanging badly. He is a very tired fighter. He is blinking his eyes, shaking his head. The count is done. The fight is over. The fight is over.