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Hawaii: Quiz

Hawaii Quiz

  1. Name the 8 main islands of Hawaii from largest to smallest.

  2. T/F Volcanic mountains absorb water.

  3. T/F South Point, on the island of Hawaii, is the southernmost point in the United States.

  4. Which Hawaiian volcano has the greatest volume of any volcano?

  5. T/F Haleakala was the first capital of Hawaii.

  6. Honolulu is located on what island?

  7. T/F The Hawaiian islands are drifting NW at about 1 inch per year.

  8. Who was the first king of Hawaii?

  9. Is all of the land on Hawaii volcanic?

  10. Hawaii is closer to: A) Asia B) North America C) the South Pole D) Australia

  11. What island is at the northern end of the Hawaiian chain? A) Kure Island B) Christmas Island C) Palmyra Island D) Wake Island

  12. T/F The Hawaiian island chain is over 1,500 miles long.

  13. The oldest volcano on the island of Hawaii is: A) Kilauea B) Mauna Loa C) Kohala D) Loihi and is on the island of A) Oahu B) Hawaii C) Maui D) Lanai

  14. Pele is the goddess of: A) the earth B) the ocean C) the sun D) fire

  15. The Hawaiian hot spot over which the islands were formed has been active for at least: A) 1 million years B) 6 million years C) 20 million years D) 70 million years

    Hawaii Quiz Answers