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John F. Kennedy John F. Kennedy -- 35th President; Term: 1961-1963; Political Party: Democrat; First Lady: Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy; Vice President: Lyndon B. Johnson

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'Is not peace, in the last analyses, basically a matter of human rights? The right to live out our lives without fear of devastation? The right to breathe air as nature provided it? The right of future generations to a healthy existence?' (1963)

Born: May 29, 1917; Brookline, Massachusetts...John Kennedy was the nation's first Roman Catholic president...Forever enshrined in myth by an assassin's bullet, Kennedy's presidency long defied objective appraisal. Recent assessments have revealed an administration long on promise and vigor, and somewhat lacking in tangible accomplishment. His proposals for a tax cut and civil rights legislation, however, promised significant gains in the months before his assassination. While maturation, as evidenced in the handling of the Cuban missile crisis, was apparent, the potential legacy of the New Frontier will forever be left to speculation... Died: November 22, 1963 (Kennedy was the first president to have died before his parents).

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The Era

  • Soviets erect the Berlin Wall (1961)
  • Freedom Riders challenge segregation on interstate buses (1961)
  • Mao's Great Leap Forward ends in China (1961)
  • Rachel Carson publishes Silent Spring (1962)
  • March on Washington for civil rights (1963)

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