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The Presidents Connect today's election issues with the past


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Presidents 2008: From the Past to the Presidents
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Jill Brown

Updated Presidents Web site, 2003
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Robert Dallek, Ph.D., Boston University

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Walter LaFeber, Ph.D., Cornell University

Robert McBride, Writing and Technology Coordinator, Oak Park and River Forest High School, Illinois

Robert Stahl, Ph.D., Arizona State University

Deborah Washington, Senior Coordinator of Social Studies, Boston Public Schools

Special thanks to Stephen Vaughn, author of Ronald Reagan in Hollywood: Movies and Politics


Nixon, 1990
Executive Producer, Elizabeth Deane
Part I: The Quest
Produced and directed by David Espar
Part II: Triumph
Produced and directed by Elizabeth Deane
Part III: The Fall
Produced and directed by Marilyn H. Mellowes
See full credits.

LBJ, 1991
Writer and Producer, David Grubin
See full credits.

FDR, 1994
Writer and Producer, David Grubin
See full credits.

Truman, 1997
Writer and Producer, David Grubin
See full credits.

Reagan, 1998
Executive Producer, Austin Hoyt
Part I: Lifeguard
Written and produced by Adriana Bosch
Part II: An American Crusade
Written and produced by Austin Hoyt
See full credits.

Jimmy Carter, 2002
Writer and Producer, Adriana Bosch
See full credits.

George H.W. Bush, 2008
Produced by Austin Hoyt and Callie Taintor Wiser.
See full credits.

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Vanessa Ezersky
Greg Shea
Glenn Fukushima

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Lauren Prestileo

New Media
Kim Ducharme
Nancy Farrell
Anna Fort
Ravi Jain
Stewart Smith

Director of New Media
Maria Daniels

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Susan Bellows

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Paul Taylor

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Susan Mottau

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