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President Elect Harry S. Truman holding newspaper with headline 'Dewey Defeats Truman'Truman and the Democrats were in trouble in 1948. As Election Day neared, the polls predicted a resounding defeat come November. Truman, the incumbent faced a variety of candidates: Thomas Dewey, a Republican, Henry Wallace, of the Progressive Party, and Strom Thurmond of the Dixiecrats -- a band of Southern Democrats who abandoned their party.

Affordable housing, rebuilding postwar Europe and offering aid to Greece and Turkey were among the hot topics of debate during the presidential campaign of 1948. How would you vote on the issues? Would you side with Truman and the Democrats or Dewey and the Republicans? Choose a position and find out.

The following positions were compiled from official party platforms.

The cost of living was rising across America and affordable housing was in short supply.

Position - Favors comprehensive federal housing legislation and rent control.

Position - Feels that housing can best be supplied and financed by private enterprise.

The Marshall Plan
How much should America contribute to the rebuilding of Europe following World War II?

Position - Calls for the repudiation of the Marshall Plan. The party platform states that efforts of the plan would rebuild Nazi Germany and "subjugate the economies of other European countries to American Big Business."

Position - Strongly in favor of the Marshall Plan, saying it is working to "secure and strengthen the safety and freedom" of European nations.

Aid to Greece and Turkey
How much money should we devote to other countries and which ones should receive the aid?

Position - Refers to Greece and Turkey as "peace-loving nations" and supports military and economic assistance to the two countries.

Position - Calls for an end to military and economic intervention in Greece and Turkey, referring to regimes there as "reactionary and fascist."


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